Garden of the Theotokos quotes

“Rightly do we , who have been saved through you, pure Virgin, confess that you are the Mother of God, extolling you with the angelic choirs. For God, whom men cannot see, on whom the ranks of angels do not dare to look, has through you become visible to men as the Logos made flesh. Glorifying Him with the heavenly hosts we proclaim you blessed. And what shall we call you, who are full of grace? Heaven, for you have made the Sun of Righteousness shine forth? Paradise, for you have put forth the flower of immortality? Virgin, for you have remained inviolate? Pure mother, for you have held in your embrace the God of all? Mother of God, you are the true vine, for you have born the fruit of life. We entreat you, intercede in your glory with the apostles and all the saints, that God may have mercy on our souls.” St. Peter of Damaskos


“…the Word Himself became flesh, having been in truth conceived of the Virgin, but coming forth as God with the assumed nature which, as soon as He was brought forth into being, was deified by Him, so that these three things took place simultaneously, the assumption of our nature, the coming into being, and the deification of the assumed nature by the Word.” St. John of Damascus.


Images of more garden decorations


































Sculpey rocks

To be placed along our garden path:

















































More images coming…

Garden of the Theotokos pictures































More pictures of the beginnings of our garden

Unfortunately, some did not turn out very sharp, so I will have to take more before they can all be posted. So check back!

To learn more about what we have been doing with our virtue study/children’s garden, click here.








Our Garden of Virtues: Stepping Stones 1

We have been painting plates and making stepping stones for our Garden of Virtues/Garden of the Theotokos. I have set 3 painted plates in concrete stepping stones. Though I sealed the paint side of the plate, I have found that the concrete is still very caustic and able to damage the paint. I am thinking of either pressing an impression using an unpainted plate into the concrete stepping stone and then letting it dry before gluing in the painted plate into its impression. Or I could use a sand/clay mixture to make the stone. I am thinking of making grottos anyway to tuck these in and protect them from the sun. If I use a clay/sand mix, I will need to protect them from the rain as well. I will experiment. Meanwhile, here is what has been done. The photographs neither show the details they have without the damage, or the level damage that has occurred in those plates that have been set into concrete:

0122091647aThe two little ants were on sale at 50% off at Hobby Lobby. The plate tells the fable of the hard working ants and the lazy grasshopper.


0122091647cI did the lettering but Palamia (9) did the stamping, painting and stepping stone decoration.




0122091648bPlate with a hymn to the Theotokos which has not been placed in a stepping stone yet.


magnificatThe Magnificat from Luke 1:46-55. Still needs to be set into a stepping stone.