“Love of God proceeds from conversing with him; this conversation of prayer comes about through stillness, and stillness comes with the stripping away of the self.” St. Isaac the Syrian

“The start of stillness is the rejection of all noisiness as something that will trouble the depths of the soul. The final point is when one has no longer a fear of noisy disturbance, when one is immune to it. He who when he goes out does not go out in his intellect is gentle and wholly a house of love, rarely move to speech and never to anger.” ~ St. John Climacus

“Brave and determined thinking is a friend of stillness. It is always on the watch at the doors of the heart, killing or driving off invading notions.” St. John Climacus.

“Stillness of the body is the accurate knowledge and management of one’s feelings and perceptions. Stillness of the soul is the accurate knowledge of one’s thoughts and is an unassailable mind.” ~ St. John Climacus.