Afflictions of the righteous

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all.”

~Psalm 34:19

Patient Endurance

“Patient endurance is the soul’s struggle for virtue; where there is struggle for virtue, self-indulgence is banished.” ~ St. Thalassios


“The Lord said: ‘He who endures patiently to the end will be saved’ (Mt. 10:22). Patient endurance is the consolidation of all the virtues, because without it not one of them can subsist. For whoever turns back is not ‘fit for the kingdom of heaven’ (Lk. 9:62). Indeed, even though someone thinks that he is in possession of all the virtues, he is still not fit for the kingdom until he has first endured to the end and escaped from the snares of the devil; for only thus can he attain it. Even those who have received a foretaste of the kingdom stand in need of patient endurance if they are to gain their final reward in the age to be. Indeed, in every form of learning and knowledge persistence is needed. This is natural, since even sensible things cannot be produced without it: when any such thing is born, there has to be a period of patient waiting if it is to continue to live.” ~  St. Peter of Damaskos


“…we should patiently endure all that God allows to happen to us so that we may learn and gain experience and knowledge of our weaknesses.” ~ St. Peter of Damaskos